A Part of France’s Story

In 2014, we created APOF in Amiens, driven by the willingness to contribute to the remembrance ceremonies of the Great War, the objective being to develop a range of celebrating products whose symbolism was directly linked to the centenary’s of the First Wold War’s commemorative events.

 Battlefields Mémories

A range developed for the centenary…


The interest of our approach is to meet the customers’ needs and desires on this market as well as to offer a real souvenir conveying the respect of the memory of every soldier who took part in this war.

Besides, we work with Mr G.Prilaux, archaeologist at the INRAP specialized in the Great War’s archaeology. Indeed, it seems important to have the support of a recognized science expert to guide us in our choices and initiatives.

This symbolic product is designed for all generations and all countries as we are all directly or indirectly concerned by this worldwide conflict.

Numerous countries participated to this war: from France to the United States, South Africa to Canada,  England to New Zealand, Australia to Germany, or India to Russia. This demonstrates the entire cross-functional approach to this project which widely overcomes the strict boundaries of the battlefield.



« A Part of France is a means to preserve the memory of the Great War worldwide with dignity ».